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"La Jolla Hair Clinic San Diego"

La Jolla Hair Clinic’s mission is for each client to experience exceptional service from a professional staff, and to absolutely love their hair with each visit. Each client’s needs are of the utmost priority and they strive to indulge each client with personalized attention and superior quality service. Their friendly and family oriented atmosphere set the tone for a calming environment where you are sure to feel welcome and be satisfied. The history behind the launching of La Jolla Hair Clinic is as remarkable as the founder himself.

As the president and founder of La Jolla Hair Clinic, Jerry Piatt is well recognized and revered by his colleagues. The American Hair Loss Council has regarded him as a pioneer in the industry and recognizes Jerry for his countless contributions to the hair community.
Jerry Piatt came from a long line of barbers and hair stylists. His interest in pursuing a career in hair dates back to 1957, when he began cutting his college floor mate’s hair, in his hometown of Dayton, Ohio.  Soon after, Jerry took off on his own and moved to San Diego, California where he enrolled into the Associated Student Barber College. In 1958, he received his California State License, thus making him a third generation barber in his family.
In 1959, he returned to Ohio to become a licensed barber there as well. That same year he opened his first of what would soon become many salons in Ohio. The following year, he opened two other salons.

Jerry eventually made his way back to San Diego in 1967. Always the visionary, he imagined the design and the layout for each salon he would later open. Jerry never lost sight of those creative visions and would continue to design the layout for all ten salons across San Diego. In 1970, he designed and launched The Razor’s Edge, the first high end barber, hair replacement and full service hair salon. The salon’s reputation attracted media, celebrities and brought in new clients from all over.
Throughout the course of his long and very successful career, Jerry has earned numerous prestigious awards and recognitions. He was not only nominated for hair stylist of the year by the International Union, but he also placed ninth in the International Union National Hair Show Competition. He was awarded with the Roffler’s President’s Ring for being their best sales director in all of Southern California. In addition, he held the title of a state instructor for numerous years and also served as an advisor for state board of barber and beauty. On countless occasions, Jerry has traveled internationally as a guest artist for shows, displaying platform work, as well as judging numerous competitions.


Always the family man, Jerry’s four daughters were always by his side and hrew up in the salon watching their “Daddy.” The girls began taking interest in what their father did at an early age, and Jerry quickly took note. Upon enrolling them in barber school, he provided each of them with the opportunity to apprentice under him and learn all of the in’s and out’s of the hair industry. While two of his girls decided later to pursue careers in the medical field, the other two, Chele and Collette, shared their father’s passion for hair styling, and began working at the family owned Golden Touch Salon. Jerry imparted his knowledge and expertise to both of his daughters, thus giving them the opportunity to become successful fourth generation hair stylists.

After the opening of the La Jolla Hair Clinic, Collette decided to focus primarily on hair replacement, just like her father. Jerry still remembers the day Collette approached him at La Jolla Hair Clinic and made the commitment to come join him as partner and make a difference in the business. She made the move to La Jolla Hair Clinic where she began assisting her father, learning fundamentals of the hair replacement business. Jerry personally taught both Chele and Collette all about materials, hair and how to design a hair system from scratch. He firmly believed it was essential to know which materials to use based on each individual client’s unique needs.
Collette and her father continued to broaden their skill set and expand their knowledge by attending as many conferences possible. Collette was quick to master everything pertaining to hair replacement and became well sought after by numerous colleagues, organizations, and manufacturers, each requesting her appearance at conferences to do platform work. New salons starting out in the hair replacement business, as well as old salons wanting to integrate hair replacement into their existing business, recruited Collette to demonstrate and instruct them. Collette was asked to work on a design team for a manufacturer, which she helped design stock systems, pick color swatches, and provide technical support.

Collette observed how the hair replacement industry catered primarily to male clients dealing with hair loss and recognized that women were in need for the industry’s service as well. This inspired Collette to focus her attention on specializing in the needs of females dealing with hair loss.
Chele acquired her apprentice license at age 15 and continued at work at the Golden Touch Salon several years, developing and perfecting her talent. She takes enormous pride in providing her clients with the best and latest designs in the hair industry. It wasn’t long before Chele accomplished the success of becoming an established barber and hair stylist. Jerry also taught Chele the art of hair replacement and she too became trained to specialize in hair replacement under her father’s guidance, she later became a member of the AHLC.


With Collette so busy managing the needs of the female clientele, Chele began focusing on the male clients. They have both achieved successful careers in the hair replacement industry and in September 2011, Jerry was honored to hand over the business to the both of them. They took over as co-owners and have completely remodeled the salon, adding an additional 400 square feet. The salon now has nine private rooms, a laser room, and a large production room.
Both Chele and Collette have been committed to providing only the best for their clients, a quality they inherited directly from their father. They are eternally grateful to their father for taking the time to share his knowledge and expertise, as well as instilling the importance of client care.

Collette has come full circle and adopted her familial tradition. As a parent herself, Collette is now providing her daughter, Desiree, the same opportunity her father provided her when she started out. Desiree, who is currently enrolled at the same barber school as her grandfather, Jerry attended, is in line to be the fifth generation barber and hair replacement specialist, mentored with the extensive knowledge and skills of her mother Collette.
La Jolla Hair Clinic has demonstrated exceptional and superior quality service to the community and its customers for many years. Jerry Piatt with over 55 years of expertise and with continued service alongside his daughters Chele and Collette, styling and hair replacement will continue to provide a customary passion for men, women, and children in the hair community.

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