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The Full Story

Since we first opened our doors in 1995, La Jolla Hair Clinic Inc. has been known for an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. It’s this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for us to grow into the business we are today.

We believe that the customer always comes first - and that means exceptional products and exceptional services. La Jolla Hair Clinic’s mission is to provide each client with their ideal service and quality hair, so they leave every visit feeling confident and amazing.

Each client’s individual needs are of the utmost priority. Here at La Jolla Hair Clinic we strive to indulge each client with personalized attention and superior quality service. Our welcoming, family-oriented atmosphere set the tone for a calming environment where clients can feel 100% comfortable.

La Jolla Hair Clinic founder and former president, Jerry Piatt, is well recognized icon in the hair replacement industry. The American Hair Loss Council regards Jerry as a hair replacement pioneer with countless contributions to the hair loss community.

Jerry Piatt came from a long line of barbers and hair stylists. His interest in pursuing a career in hair dates back to 1957, when he began cutting his college floor mate’s hair, in his hometown of Dayton, Ohio. Soon after, Jerry took off on his own and moved to San Diego, California. In 1958, he received his California State License, thus making him a third generation barber in his family.

In 1970, he designed and launched The Razor’s Edge, the first high end barber, hair replacement and full service hair salon. The salon’s reputation attracted media, celebrities and brought in new clients from all over.
Throughout the course of his long and very successful career, Jerry has earned numerous prestigious awards and recognition. He was not only nominated for "Hair Stylist of the Year" by the International Union, but he also placed ninth in the International Union National Hair Show Competition. In addition, he held the title of a state instructor for numerous years and also served as an adviser for the state board of barber and beauty. On countless occasions, Jerry had traveled internationally as a guest artist for shows, displaying platform work, as well as judging numerous competitions.

Always the family man, Jerry’s four daughters were always by his side and grew up in the salon watching their father. The girls began taking interest in what their father's career at an early age, and Jerry quickly took note. Upon enrolling them in barber school, he provided each of them with the opportunity to apprentice under him and learn all of the in’s and out’s of the hair industry. While two of his girls decided later to pursue careers in the medical field, the other two, Chele Piatt and Collette Peterson, shared their father’s passion for hair styling, and began working at the family owned Golden Touch Salon. Jerry imparted his knowledge and expertise to both of his daughters, thus giving them the opportunity to become successful fourth generation hair stylists.

After the opening of the La Jolla Hair Clinic, Collette decided to focus primarily on hair replacement, just like her father. She joined her father as a business partner hoping to further expand and improve the hair replacement industry.

Collette and Jerry continued to broaden their skill set and expand their knowledge by attending as many conferences possible. Collette was quick to master everything pertaining to hair replacement and became well sought after by numerous colleagues, organizations, and manufacturers, each requesting her appearance at conferences to do platform work. New salons starting out in the hair replacement business, as well as old salons wanting to integrate hair replacement into their existing business, recruited Collette to demonstrate and instruct them. Collette was asked to work on design teams for manufacturers, where she helped design stock systems, pick color swatches, and provide technical support.

Collette keenly observed how the hair replacement industry catered primarily to male clients and recognized that women were in need for the industry’s service as well. This gap in the system inspired Collette to focus her attention on specializing in the needs of females dealing with hair loss. It also motivated her to expand her hair care towards children in the hair loss community suffering from genetic, medical, and psychological related hair loss.

After acquiring her apprentice license at the young age of 15, Chele Piatt worked at The Golden Touch Salon for several years, developing and perfecting her talent as an established barber and hair stylist. There she honed her craft and developed a well-rounded knowledge of the business' trending styles and latest techniques.  Much like her sister, Chele was similarly intrigued by the art of hair replacement and she too became trained as a hair replacement specialist. Soon becoming a member of the American Hair Loss Council like her father and sister.

With Collette so busy managing the needs of the female clientele, Chele focused her skill on male hair loss clients. Eventually, taking over her father's clientele base and expanding further. She utilized what she learned at the salon to update and modernize her father's technique for male hair replacement systems.

In September 2011, Jerry was honored to hand over the business to his prodigies. They took over as co-owners and have since completely remodeled the salon, adding an additional 700 square feet. The salon now has nine private rooms, a laser room, a microblading certified room, and a large production room.

Collette has come full circle and adopted her familial tradition of passing the torch. As a parent herself, Collette is now providing her daughter, Desiree, the same opportunity her father provided her when she started out. Desiree, a graduate of the the same barber school as her grandfather,Jerry, attended is in line to be the fifth generation barber and hair replacement specialist. Mentored with the extensive knowledge and skills of her mother, Desiree has adopted the trade and made it her own. Not only is Desiree a certified barber, hair stylist, and hair replacement specialist, but she is now a certified microblading professional. 

La Jolla Hair Clinic has demonstrated exceptional and superior quality service to the community and its customers for many years and hopefully many more to come. Our business strives to master all realms of hair replacement and styling, continuing to provide a comfortable and quality place for men, women, and children in the hair loss community.

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