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Collette Peterson has been working in the industry for over 30 years. She began her career training under her father, Jerry Piatt. She is a member of the American Hair Loss Council and specializes in hair replacement; working on men, women and children with various stages and types of hair loss. Collette applies her expertise in restoring a creative look for every client.

Collette has the necessary understanding of and compassion for the hair replacement clientele. In 2003, Collette was asked to share her extensive knowledge in replacement and design with others in the field. She has traveled nationwide both for large conferences and smaller venues educating other stylists and colleagues from around the world. Collette’s passion about her career feeds her motivation to make a difference one client at a time.

Collette has worked with clients facing the effects of:

  • Cancer/Chemotherapy

  • Alopecia

  • Hereditary Hair Thinning and Loss

  • Male/Female Pattern Baldness

  • Hormonal Thinning and Loss

  • Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling)

  • Other Medical and Non- Medical Issues

Her services include:

  • Custom Hand-Made Hair Systems

  • Hair Extensions

  • Custom Wigs

  • Hair Styling/Coloring




Chele Piatt has been in the hair industry for over 33 years. She began her career training under her father, Jerry Piatt. In 2004, after many years of building a strong clientele base and repertoire, Chele decided to expand her career to include hair replacement. 

In these interim years, Chele has attained the knowledge to perfect a classic natural look in hair replacement, as well as the flexibility to create the new innovative hair styles and colors of today’s modern world. 

Chele specializes in men’s hair replacement, continuing to stay up to date on the latest technology and furthering her education by attending both local and national conferences.​

Chele has worked with clients facing the effects of:

  • Male Pattern Baldness

  • Hormonal Thinning

  • Hereditary Hair Loss

  • Other Medical and Non-Medical Issues

Her Services Include:

  • Custom Hair Grafts

  • Custom Hair Extensions

  • Custom Hair Systems

  • Hair Styling / Coloring

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Master Barber/Stylist/Microblade Specialist

Desiree Peterson inherited the family tradition immediately after high school, becoming a 5th generation barber. She attended the Associated Barbers College, just like her grandfather, Jerry. She has worked hard to master her barbering and styling skills, gaining knowledge and adopting techniques from her mother and aunt. She now assists her mother, Collette, in women and children's custom hair replacement. In 2017, Desiree became certified as a professional microblading technician, the first in her family to do so. 

Her services include:

  • Traditional Straight Razor

  • Hot Towel Shaves

  • Traditional and Modern Barber Haircuts

  • Beard Shaping And Trimming

  • Hair Styling/Coloring

  • Women And Children’s Hair Replacement

  • Microblading Eyebrows

  • Custom Hair Extension 

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